UMP: Karen Millen Sale A strong majority of French and supporters for a new vote

On the tenth day of the crisis through the UMP, Karen Millen think that the supporters and the wider French? To believe OpinionWay poll for Le Figaro / LCI to be published Friday, a large majority is in favor of a new election of the president of the party. A much smaller majority believe that Jean-Francois Cope and Fran?ois Fillon are both responsible for the current stalemate.

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Among French respondents, Karen Millen Clothes 56% believe that the two men are responsible for the impasse is the main opposition party. 35% Jean-Francois Cope designate as responsible only 9% Fran?ois Fillon.

The supporters of the ruling UMP party, Karen Millen Sale which represent "about a quarter of the sample" of 1000 respondents, Karen Millen around 250 people, is more balanced: 48% denote the two men responsible for the crisis, 35% have are the responsibility of Jean-Francois Cope, 17% that of Fran?ois Fillon.

On the other hand, 78% of French and 80% of the UMP supporters are in favor of a new mode of election of the party president by the militants. Karen Millen Clothes 20% of French as the UMP supporters are opposed to this solution.

Among supporters of the UMP, the proportion of those who are "very favorable" to a new vote (48%) came close to an absolute majority. In this category, 32% are "somewhat favorable" to this solution, Karen Millen Sale 11% "somewhat oppose" and 9% "strongly opposed."