The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that went on sale in New York City

August on 2012,Samsung unleashed early this year raised a few Clues.Samsung hoping to inspire tablet users to create more content with their devices, Samsung introduced a stylus-based tablet, called the Galaxy Note 10.1, which the company touts as more interactive than the market-leading Apple iPad.
The release is timely given that Microsoft, among other Apple competitors, has charged that iPads are not suited for content creation. While billig tablet is good for consuming media -- watching video, reading books -- they are often viewed as not well-suited for content creation, such as writing documents or creating multimedia presentations.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that went on sale Wednesday at the Union Square Best Buy store in New York City, to be followed by numerous retailers on Thursday, is conventional by comparison. There's no mistaking what it is — we're talking tablet all the way. And with a 10.1-inch display — thus the name — the screen is more or less in line with the iPad, with Samsung's own 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 2 slate and with other larger-display günstige android tablet pc on the market.
The new 1.3-pound Note boasts some beefy specs, notably a 1.4GHz Quad Core processor and 2 GB of internal memory. It's also got a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.9-megapixel front-look camera. The (1280 x 800) screen is good looking, and capable of delivering full high definition playback. You can also record in high definition.
Samsung says the tablet can produce about 9 hours of battery life but I haven't had it long enough to put that claim to the test. To help preserve juice, the Note 10.1 borrows the Smart Stay feature found on the Galaxy S III smartphone. That is, the screen will dim accordingly after a specified time interval. But by using the front camera to detect that you're still eyeballing the screen, the tablet will remain awake.
Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a stylus-like device, which provides more nuanced control of applications, the company said. Although it resembles a stylus, the S-Pen actually interacts through the screen through radio waves, allowing for a much more exact placement of the pen's tip.
The zenithink c91 tablet also comes with a notepad application, called S-Note, that exploits the capabilities of the S-Pen. S-Note provides a surface for users to write or draw on, with a number of features to help sharpen the material being placed on the screen. It can match shapes and remove excess scribbles, and also recognize words and even mathematical formulas. It can convert handwriting to text and search on highlighted phrases.
The Galaxy Note 10.0 also comes with a customized copy of Adobe Photoshop Touch, allowing users to do fine-grained, professional-quality photo editing.
The tablet also comes with universal television remote software and it even offers recommendations based on previous TV viewing habits.
The Note runs the Ice Cream edition of Android, but will be upgraded to Jelly Bean in the near future.After pulling it out of its holder, you can use the S Pen, which I found very responsive, to draw perfect shapes (that is, your attempt at a perfect shape is converted into one), jot handwritten notes, take a screen shot, cut, copy and paste, and drag and drop content from one open window to another.