Promotional custom usb people flash drives.


Promotional customized usb flash pen drives comes in various different shapes. One of the most interesting shape is promotional figurine USB or USB people. Why choose  usb people as best promotional gift for your business? because  We are able to custom any kinds of people and then any colors you would like according to your artwork, ideal for promotional gifts for any business areas, fantastic print about the face, body, hands and legs.   Customized usb flash drives cusare an actual people shape with their legs and arms. The top may be the USB cap. Iron tin box or transparent plastic box or samll white box can be found with this particular model. Other accessory and packaing options available too.

Branded usb key Standard professionals include; Businessman, Courier, Construction Worker, Doctor, pilot, santa, Sportsman, Hostess, Nurse, Surgeon, please feel free to connection with us relating to your promotional memory stick needs.  


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